About us

The InfiniteBlocks Minecraft build team constructs maps with experience and passion. The team consists of two individual and creative builders.

Our Maps

Our Minecraft construction team has already built many maps for different servers. You can find a large collection of this here. You can also find many videos on our YouTube channel about our maps. You can also view the maps on our server as desired. If you are interested in ordering your own map, contact us on Twitter, YouTube, TeamSpeak³ or Minecraft. Alternatively, you can complete the order form. The respective IPs and links can be found in the Contact section at or at the bottom of our website. However, you should be aware that there is a lot of time behind our maps and we therefore do not pass them on free of charge.


At the moment there is no big need for builders or developers in our team. If you still want to try your luck, you can continue to do so in our plot world. To be accepted as a builder, you must contact us and prove yourself in a test phase.


If you need maps with special requirements, or just want an individual map, you can send us an order with your ideas. Click here to be redirected to the order form.